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Eco Server (new!)

Postby Kliphr3a » Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:10 pm

Hey guys, just giving you a heads up that my server should be coming up here and there for the public; it might be a little shotty as it isnt on a dedicated computer, but it will when I have a chance to set everything up properly.

weve changed some stuff server side to add some economy balancing to the game. I couldnt edit a whole lot of the game files, as I dont have the means to decompile the code, but I changed alot of numeric values for some items such as:

any refined metal is now 999'999 cost per block. This is to prevent exploit's with sand/ice mining, and may be changed in the future. Refined metal is also unsellable.

Mass values have also changed signifigantly, Refined metals being quite heavy. We havent edited enough to properly balance the feature, as alot of other blocks are the same mass/defense, so as time goes on we will slowly refine the numbers. Steel is now 15 mass per block, even though the description says 1m. This is suppost to prevent larger ships having a distinct advantage over the current speed to mass ratio. it just makes it more expensive to run big ships.

Lots of other things planned; so stay tuned and have fun

PS: please ben make us a whitelisted server so my demo friends can play x.x <3 chow
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