Future of CTF events! Looking for interested players.

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Future of CTF events! Looking for interested players.

Postby Dahl » Fri Dec 26, 2014 1:07 pm

Ever thought it would be cool to submit your own work? Well here is your chance!

I would like to start a weekly or bi-weekly CTF event as many have inquired when another would be. So I am looking for some new CTF maps to cycle into a CTF event schedule as currently there is only one and it was made pretty quickly so leaves little to the imagination.

What is CTF?
CTF stands for Capture the Flag. It's a modded game type within Sky Nations. Where players are seperated into two teams and must build ships and head to the opposing team and steal their flag. The team that steals the opponents flag 5 times wins. However both teams are given a replenishing set of resources for building ships including many weapons so getting away with the flag is a tricky task!

This is a great chance to get to play with a bunch of people in an organized game type. And attending will also trigger the "Captured My Heart" achievement!

If you are interested you can open a local server and just build right at the Spawn and email that file to Mr B when you are finished. This can be many maps submitted by individuals or group collaboration if everyone can get on the same page with an idea.

Objects that need to be included:
  • One system with two bases (Red & Blue).
  • Obstacles between the two bases.

Within each base there needs to be:
  • Storage Crates a script will refill them with goodies.
  • Respawn chambers.
  • Could include pre made ships if you felt the desire.
  • Perhaps a Ship Constructor block even.

The information for setting up a server is located here:

The current server download link is here:
Current as of: 12/26/14, v 0.88
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