Capitalism In Sky Nations

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Capitalism In Sky Nations

Postby JonJohn11 » Sat Dec 31, 2016 12:32 am

Sky Nations, one of the best ideas for a voxel game ever. The idea of being able to build your own airship from scratch in a post-apocalypse in the sky and being able to fight people in aerial combat and build and attack bases and compounds to this day fascinates me. Always being on edge, constantly being paranoid and looking down at your radar and EWDS alarm. Scavenging all the copper you could get your hands on to build up those precious defensive turrets. That was the Sky Nations I knew and loved. Now, everyone hides away in their capitals with their massive warships and ridiculously massive amounts of resources. For easy reference, I am going to refer to this syndrome as "capitalism". It is no secret that this game is dead. With only about 5 people on at a time max, with only a fraction of them speaking the same language, it's pretty safe to say that player interaction is 100% non-existent. Especially since people hide absolutely every ship and item they own without any risk of losing it whatsoever. That is why I believe this game is dead. Yes, capitals were put in because the community asked for it. But I ask you, where exactly is that community now? It simply doesn't exist. And anyone who wanted that and still plays are only on a couple times a month at maximum. The only way I see this game getting resurrected is if you remove capitals entirely. You would need to add more sectors and have them all connected so people can get around easier and avoid claimed sectors if they so choose, or they could attack them like the old days. Mining drills would also have to be reworked, the easiest way that could be done would be to either have the refinery in the same sector as the drill to produce resources or to just have the drill itself produce materials on its own instead of making ore juice. A full wipe would also need to happen because of the insane amount of resources people have and the completely broken/unbalanced economy (although I would keep peoples ship schematics if that's possible). I would recommend having a "wipe day" similar to rust and get at least two different streamers or youtubers to hop on so right off the bat there are two different sides that could fight it out and bring back the nation wars. Build up hype with some promotional videos and make at least one complete tutorial that includes all of the machines and engines that new people continue to struggle to understand. A rework of the old forums would also be nice. Claimed sectors would become the new capitals except they could be raided and attacked as well as properly defended with turrets and the likes, maybe even a shield to protect against trolls while still being able to be destroyed after taking a certain amount of damage (similar to starmade). Although I doubt that any of this will happen I want to thank Ben for his hard work and dedication of this magnificent game, no matter the end result. Thanks for reading, and if capitals being removed is out of the question then I have some other ideas for balancing it out so let me know if you would like to hear about them. This will be the last time I push something like this to happen Ben, I promise lmao.
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