General Suggestions

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General Suggestions

Postby JonJohn11 » Mon Feb 01, 2016 10:34 pm

Over the couple days I have started playing again,I have written down things that have either annoyed me or things that could make life easier. I will update this If I find more things.

1: I would like to see a hunger system, it gives a reason to eat soup and similar to minecraft you could regen health if your hunger is above whatever number.

2: I would also like to see a sprint mechanic, where again like minecraft you can only sprint if your hunger is above whatever number, and it goes down faster when you run.

3:I find it super annoying that when traveling outside of capitals there is no color or text that shows on the map whatever biome is in whatever system, and it makes me less likely to explore outside of capitals.

4: I find it strange that after you get a jet pack there is absolutely no use for the parachute, but every time I run out of juice trying to fly up to a ship or something and fall down and die, I always think that the parachute would be really useful if you could land safely. The best way to do this I think would be to make it so that the parachute is not even an item, but it always available by pressing whatever button while falling so, and this would make it so that there is still an empty slot in your inventory.

5: I have said it before and will say it again, we need a better hammer, you used the argument that there is the disassembler and lasers, but there is no guide on how to use this and the lasers don't mine metal. There are some things for example in a machine sphere place I found a giant abandoned metal base that no one harvested because it would just be plain to much work with the hammer, I think you should be able to make a steel hammer, one that could say mine twice as fast to relive the pain of mining tough blocks.

6: A minor but important change. The chest and inventory menu needs to be bigger or you should be able to save the dimensions that you can set it too.

7: These machine that have been recently been added are super confusing and there is no tutorial/guide whatsoever on how these work, and ever since you stopped the devblogs I have had no idea how the disassembler works for example, I have no idea what the merchant king is. There should be some sort of YouTube series or some sort of in-game text tutorial with pictures to show not only what the new things are, but how they work.

8:There needs to be some easier way to move items, it is so painful moving item stacks by dragging them from chest to inventory/inventory to chest, some sort of take all or put in all button or a working shift-click feature needs to be added.

9: Building on #8, I think some sort of item pipes could be really useful and cool, for example you could pump atomic waste from a generator farm to a crate elsewhere. Now that I think about it, power wires might also be neat.
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Re: General Suggestions

Postby SkyCaptin » Tue Feb 02, 2016 1:05 pm

after returning from a years absence i have some stuff that bothers me too. first, i'll quote some of JonJohns suggestions as he has several points that are also on my list.
1: ok, with the hunger thing i strongly disagree. there are other games where i can die a lot, because i forgot to eat over building cool stuff. rather put some soupvariations in that use more and different ingredients, so we can sell them with the merchants.

2: the sprint thing is something i missed dearly in the first few hours. i guess its mainly because we can do it in most other games somehow. but it certaily would be great to have, especially in the capitol.

3:better map with biome-info. yes please! i would prefer a version, that marks the biometype when i was there, encouraging exploration.

4: the parachute thing is a cool idea.

5: a better hammer. yes, it is a pain to change a metalstructure/ship, even when you are in capital. for me it was one of the main reasons, that i started to recall lootballs to the capitol. even if the ball isnt contested it takes ages to get a handfull of oreblocks.

7: a bit more helpful text could find its way into the database ingame at first. maybe later on someone could make a video tutorial for the more delicate machines. i found rough info on the new stuff, but more detailed info for the schematics (container first and then ship on top or ship and container after e.g.) or a screenshot or two (finished schematics, merchant king). contact me if someones filming and need a constructor-slave or dummies.

8:moving stacks in chests/invetory in one go would be very helpful. how ever this would work (doubleclick/shift-somethingclick), implement it plz.

9: love those pipes in space engineer. it would be nice if we could connect crates/chests. it could be something like the relais, but i would prefer to have a complex underground network of pipes.

and a coulpe of my suggestions:

10. steam engines. after i set up an icefield in the capitol, and secured the ship against unwelcome visitors, there is no special thing that uses ice (so far). steamengines could come in handy here, and pose an alternative to normal engines or even the land-energy system. to not just make a different looking engine, this could borrow some ideas from the schematics. for a ship steamengine, you would have to build 3 components (boiler, turbine and storage e.g.) that are linked together, but not necessarly adjecent (we need those pipes). oh and if you have a steamengine, you can have a (war-)horn or whistle on the ship and/or catastrophic boiler/turbine hits acting like a filled ammo-crate

11. more submenus like the one on the spraycan. i whished for something like that for the wedgeblocks, they are sometimes (or rather often) a pain to place, and the menu could even handle those horzontal ones that are missing (yet).. or they could be used with the doors too, until we get a hatch we could place at least the doors horizontal.

i'm not sure if i should post suggestions regarding boss- and other evens, capitol vs. pvp and such here or in a different topic?
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Re: General Suggestions

Postby Vuk Farkas » Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:28 pm

Steamers were already proposed by me before...
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