A Glider would be nice wouldn't it

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A Glider would be nice wouldn't it

Postby DerTimTom » Sat Apr 02, 2016 7:13 pm

Hey Mr Benjammin and crew
what do you think about a hang glider or something like that so you are able to fly high distances without using your jetpack.

I try every time to fly high distances with jetpack but either I'm too high so I die from the fall damage or I am to far away.

I think its a nice idea and you could think about it
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Re: A Glider would be nice wouldn't it

Postby JonJohn11 » Sun Apr 03, 2016 3:00 pm

I mentioned something like this in a previous suggestion, it was to be able to use the jetpack and parachute at the same time. It would not only make the parachute useful but save your life when you run out of juice. Considering you can control the where the parachute goes it pretty much would do the same thing.
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Re: A Glider would be nice wouldn't it

Postby crunch » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:51 pm

I have often thought of a glider too, its just a good middle thing between a jetpack and a parachute. it will also be a good competitor to the jetpack.
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