Sails, Winds, and Windmills

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Sails, Winds, and Windmills

Postby WILDCATreactor » Wed Apr 29, 2015 12:37 am

Sail Patch/Angled Sail Patch
Recipe: 4 Canvas Sheets (40 Leaves ea.)
Material: Soft (vulnerable to bullets)
Defense: 20(?)
Weight: 0.1m
Thrust: each patch provides Provides 0.1 Thrust for up to 10m of ship weight, half that thrust if traveling into the wind and double thrust if traveling with the wind
Special: texture tears at 10Def and becomes immune to most sources of damage

Archemedian Sail Patch/Angled Archemedian Sail Patch
Recipe: 8 Copper
Material: Hard
Defense: 50
Weight: 0.4m
Special: a sail that doesn't tear or take damage from severe winds (hurricane winds only cause 1 dmg/sec instead of 2)

Why can't it reach 10 Thrust? because it's free engine power, if you tack with the wind 10 is pretty easy to reach for a lighter ship, especially in stronger winds

Wind Speed: thrust values on sails are rated for normal winds, calm winds only provide half the normal thrust while high winds double the thrust, severe winds will provide up to four times normal thrust but will slowly damage any unfurled sails; dead winds generate no thrust.

How can I tell the wind speed? higher winds will have more cluttered particle effects (e.g. Zelda:Windwaker's air trails, airborne leaves, noise level, etc) like the shooting stars in the night sky so you can eyeball the conditions and make an educated guess after experience- or you can build a zephyrometer.

Into & With the Wind: if the wind mostly strikes the front of the ship (i.e. 90-deg angle), that ship is facing into the wind, if it strikes mostly the rear the ship is sailing with the wind, any other position is considered 'along' or to the side.

Ship Surface Area: for fun every block could provide the same thrust as sails, but being ten to forty times heavier typically negates any sort of efficient means of thrust

Sail Head/Angled Sail Head
Recipe: 2 Canvas Sheets; 1 Plank/Steel
Material: Hard
Defense: 60/100
Weight: 0.2m

Sail Hoist
Recipe: 8 Planks/Steel
Material: Hard
Defense: 80/120
Weight: 0.5m
Special: attaches to a sail head and allows it to move in order to furl/unfurl a sail

Recipe: 1 Burntout Core; 2 Copper; 1 Steel
Type: Item
Special: a hand-held device to measure wind speeds accurately

Vertical Windmill (those jazzy spiral-looking mills you see in futuristic landscapes)
Size: 1Lx1Wx3H
Type: Land/Ship Generator
Recipe: 4 Burnout Cores; 8 Copper; 3 Steel; 8 Canvas Sheets
Material: Machine
Defense: 40 (disabled at 10Def)
Power Generation: 10 multiplied by wind speed, 0 in dead winds
Special: the upper two blocks must be exposed to open air in order to work, each side of the windmill blocked from the wind by other terrain reduces the power generation by 2 before wind speed multipliers
Notes: totally needs an upside-down and sideways version

Wind Speed|Sail Power|Windmill Power|Windmill Airspace Radius
!=1 damage per second until disabled
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Re: Sails, Winds, and Windmills

Postby Vuk Farkas » Tue Sep 22, 2015 4:27 am

sounds interesting, but i think bigger/more powerful versions of windmills should exist, and also a way to use power on land. Ya have my support
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