Diversity in Block masses at the lower end

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Diversity in Block masses at the lower end

Postby Aerion » Tue Oct 27, 2015 9:40 pm

tl;dr: too many blocks share the same mass: 1, to add more diversity in block masses at the lower end, the current Block masses should be increased (while adjusting thrusters accordingly), so cosmetic items can have a lower mass than the most common ship building blocks and would be used more frequently in ship building.

The most common ship building Block, Steel, adds 1 Mass to the ships total mass, per Block. The same Mass (1) is shared with many other items, especially "cosmetic" ones like the table, possible chairs, railings, Deckings/Plattforms, Steps, etc.
To give players more incentive to "beautify" their ship with cosmetic blocks, these blocks shouldn't weight as much as a Block of Steel, which doesn't look as pretty but at least gives 150Defense. If I had to choose between adding a bunch of Steel Blocks to my ship, for better defense, or adding a few tables and chairs in the captains cabin I'd choose the former.
Which means in the end it comes down to a decision between usefulness and making a ship less ugly, which just shouldn't be.

By increasing the current Block masses, one could have more diversity of Block masses at the lower end, meaning a railing could have a Mass of 0.5 (with the current mass system) and players could choose from a greater variety of blocks when building their ships and not only stick to the most efficient ones.
An alternative would be to set the masses of several blocks to 0.5 or other values between 0 and 1, but I am not sure if the Block masses are integers internally, a question only Ben can answer. Obviously I don't want any mechanics around flying, physics or the amount of thrusters needed on a ship to make it fly to change, and everything would have to be adjusted accordingly so the game mechanics stay as before but the diversity of block masses increases.
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Re: Diversity in Block masses at the lower end

Postby Vanto » Sun Feb 14, 2016 6:45 pm

I agree, it was rather hard to add the new blocks to the mod since there is no difference between wood and copper in weight, for example steel has the same weight as copper but more defense making it straight up better.
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