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Ship types

Postby Vuk Farkas » Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:47 pm

Now this is for peeps that still visit this graveyard of forums...
Old players remember my "longboat" design 3-5 blocks wide, half or max lenght, this design is known for its cheapness, wery hard to hit (try hitting a pencil from the rear or side) traditionally has a cabin sitting on engines in the rear so it allows for a full view of the ship. due to its shape ship can easily carry a lot, is an excelent platform for strip mining, easy to convert to a strip miner, hauler/carrier or a cannon ship with OP protection (basically put ice as roof, boosted mining lasers that go ower roof, this way anyone boarding from above will not only mostlikely slip off but if he stays on wil be BBQ-ed by lasers), cannons either full line of them just under roof on both sides, or in middle row of the wall alternating cannon and empty space as peep hole (and shooting the shotty or MG) i had this design and with trained crew its utterly destructive! As ships pass eachother, driver must make sure the ship absorbs hit across its hull rather than in one spot, while whoever is manning the cannons litterally needs to run from front to back and shoot each cannon so they hit roughly same spot on enemy ship (effectively making a hole in it or cutting it in half). If ya make a miner out of it spam lasers pointing to one side (i usually prefer right) to strip mine pillars, spheres, and such, while the lenght of the ship allows ya to run and hammer whatever lasers cant mine. As a hauler/carrier this ship can litterally carry nearly anything and in large numbers too (imagine the longboat as a rod in yer wardrobe, while ships are latched onto it like clotnes hangers)
Gatling Ship... basically ya need 8 canons put on front like a dohnut, ya have a peep hole in middle, and ya spam canons (usually clockwise) effectively shooting a barrage in seconds, ofc ya can add this system to side of the ship effectively making what most people called "borg cube" and if ya put ice roof on top of that too boarding is near impossible. This design i used to make for my nation members to raid the Sky Sharks, each ship had only 1 crew member who would drive and shoot, ships were small and hard to hit but fast and rapid fire would chew up their iron/steel clads in seconds... now awerage ship they made had 10-15 cannons and tons of armor (3-4 blocks thick) and was utterly expensive to make... while i could spam my gatling ships easily (from one of their ships i could always make at least 10 more of mine, and thats when there wasnt much left of it) each ship was made from at least 8 cannons, 3X4 (or 3X3 if ya want less engines and exposed rear) wood platform and rear filled with engines like a wall, now this open design meant ya gotta stay away from the enemy to avoid boarding and shotguns but canons were less likely to hit (i personally experienced and had report of canonballs flying past our heads missing us barely) ya needed less engines to move top speed, and was easy to spam-produce and quick to make, while the Borg-cuber version had a lot more cannons, was armored (if ya count metal floor as armor) 3X8 cannons (24 cannons) could fire front left and right (slightly bigger versions could fire even behind them but were quite easyer to hit)
Tree farms, for this longboats suit good role for begining altho ya might wanna put yer cabin on front (trees block the view) but the biggest ones are litteraly a huge dirt platform, which has trees planted all ower it (this was before those fuel generators, i got rich this way especially when magma rock was mined and barely or none left)

Might add more of my ship types later...
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